10 wardrobe items you should splurge on!

10 Splurge Worthy Items

When it comes to fashion, we all have that moment where we have to stop and ask ourselves Is it worth spending that much on it? A lot of the time, the answer is probably going to be no but on occasion, spending a little more is not only acceptable but, as we’d like to think, necessary. We wouldn’t want you to end up like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic so to help you figure out which pieces you can splurge on, we listed the top 10 classic items that are worth investing in!

A Little Black Dress

This wardrobe classic was brought to fashion’s forefront by the icon designer Coco Chanel and since then, it has been welcomed into many women’s closets. There’s nothing like a great fitting LBD that can be transformed using different accessories. Long or short, full or figure hugging, your can spend some extra bucks on this classic item and pick the design that best suits your frame.

Strutting it Nude

There’s nothing like a nude pair of heels to elongate your legs. Pick the right shade for your skin tone and you can pair this stiletto with any outfit – an LBD, a pair of jeans or your work clothes – and it will work perfectly. Splurging on a pair of nude stilettos only seems right especially if you can get so many wears out of it, right?

The Right Base

Your underwear will always act as the base for the right outfit so you definitely should ensure your foundation is sorted before getting into other elements of your outfit. There’s nothing like an ill-fitting bra or the wrong undies to ruin a perfectly great outfit so why not spend some extra bucks on it? Besides, it’s a great confidence booster!

The Blue Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a nightmare so coughing up some extra money on the right pair is understandable. You can never go wrong with a great pair of denim jeans, especially if you want a great looking derrière!

A good boot

Like Jessica Simpsons put it, “these (brown leather boots) were made for walking” and we understand why! Leather boots, especially in brown, can save the day especially when it’s cold or wet outside. Tuck them into your jeans, tights or wear them with your Bohemian dress and you’re good to go.

The Classic Blazer

This piece shouldn’t need explaining as we all know how far a classic blazer can take you. For a more modern feel, look for a slim-fit blazer which you can take into a meeting or pair it with your jeans and boots for a more casual look. The white blazer has a fresh feel to it and immediately elevates your outfit so if you’re looking for a new approach, trade in your black blazer for the white and don’t be scared of spending a few more bucks on it!

Watch It

There’s nothing like a sexy watch to tie it all in and since this is something that will be on your wrist for years and years, spending some extra bucks on the right one only seems fitting. No need to apologize for splurging on this timeless piece!

A Leather Piece

For a more edgy take on the blazer, try a leather jacket. Much like the blazer, you can wear it over any outfit to give it more flair and rocker-chic vibe.

Get your clutch on

There’s nothing as frustrating as having gotten the right outfit only to pair it with a beaten down bag. Take your time to search for the right clutch that suits your style and spend some extra cash on it. This bag will most likely last you years and, quite possibly, be passed on to your daughter so consider it a classic investment!

Sunnies Side Up

Now if you didn’t know, baring your eyes to the glaring sun is not only harmful to your eyes but the inevitable squinting that takes place actually expedites the formation of wrinkles. Solution? A good pair of sunnies which you can wear over and over and over and… You get the point!


Just remember, like any other investment, taking your time to find the right pieces is key. There’s nothing worse that coughing up some big bucks only to find that it wasn’t what you really wanted. Do you research, save up and have fun shopping!

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