6 health lies advertisers want you to believe

detox-juice_article_newAccording to aol.com the following are just lies.

1) “Washing oil off your face helps fight acne”

The oil that causes acne comes from deep under your skin. Washing it off on the surface with oil fighting face washes does nothing. In fact, washing your face frequently can actually make things worse.

2) “Extra vitamin c helps prevent colds”

Have a cold? An excess amount of vitamin c won’t make it go away. The excess vitamins are simply flushed out of your system since the body can only absorb so much.

3) “A juice cleanse is the best detox”

Your body uses two things to detox: your kidneys and water. So that $10 kale juice is just as detoxing as a cup of water.

4) “Higher SPF is always more effective”

SPF technically maxes out at around 30. Doubling SPF is like doubling up on umbrellas — it’s just overkill that achieves the same result.

5) “Vitamin and protein enriched lotions and shampoos are beneficial”

The vitamins that are added to your lotion offer no benefit. Your skin can’t absorb these extra ingredients; you might as well rub salad on your skin.

 6.) “What’s up with all the added ingredients (like protein) in shampoos and conditioners?” Apparently … nothing. The protein in your shampoo is as beneficial as rubbing meat on your hair — so don’t pay much attention to those fancy words on the bottles.

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