What your nails reveal about your health


Your nails can not only reveal quite a lot about the kind of person you are-attentive to detail, tidy,carefree,unkempt but also tell you a thing or two about your general health.
If you’re so used to wearing nail polish all the time, it would be advisable to do without it for a while to give you a chance to inspect your nails and check for the signs. This could help you detect something wrong and maybe correct it before it’s too late.

Your nails texture, shape, color and overall condition can tell you what’s up with your health.

1. White dots– This could probably just indicate nail trauma like banging your nails often. This normally just go away by themselves as they fade as they nails grow.

2. Horizontal depressionsThese are indicated by deep depressions that run across the nail bed and are also known as Beau’s lines. You can get these if you slammed your fingers with a door but if you haven’t banged your fingers recently, this could be a sign that you have uncontrolled diabetes, some circulatory disease of some kind or illness associated with a high fever such as mumps or pneumonia.

3. Yellow nails- You could simply just be overdoing it with dark nail polish but on a serious note you could have a nail fungal infection or psoriasis or a rare condition called the yellow nails syndrome.

4. Scooped-out nails This mainly indicates that you have an iron deficiency. The scoop shape could be so because the blood supply doesn’t reach the middle of your nail to make it grow. In some cases this could this could be a sign that you have heart disease or hypothyroidism a condition brought about by an under-active thyroid gland. It is important to see a doctor for a blood test to figure out the deficiency behind your scoop nails

5. Nail beadingIn case you have beaded ridges resembling a candle’s wax drippings then you could have thyroid issues, stress or diabetes.

6. Weak, brittle or splitting nails-If you can easily peel your nails or they bend, break or split easily it could mean that you’re advancing in age or that your body has a deficient in some vitamins especially A, C and some B vitamins.

7. Dark vertical bands This is more common in dark-skinned people. This is when you have dark lines of color running top to bottom and are possibly darker at the base of your nail. You could also have benign moles in the nail bed. A single new or changing band can be malignant melanoma which is a deadly skin cancer.



Source: www.prevention.com

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