Gladiator actress Connie Nielsen spills her beauty secrets

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We recently got to chat to the Danish actress, Connie Nielsen, whose acting career has involved starring in major movies like Gladiator and The Devil’s Advocate as well as the TV Series, The Following. She shared some of her beauty secrets with us which are largely influenced by her love for sustainable and organic living.

Work It Out


Connie credits her great body and clear skin to religiously setting aside three hours of running every week. She maintains that working out does a great job of creating “cell regeneration that helps the skin stay young and fresh.” You’d better get your sneakers on and start running ladies and gents.

Use Natural Products


The Danish beauty believes in using natural products and is a big believer in supporting sustainable companies. Jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil are just a few of the products she frequently reaches out for in her beauty cabinet. She admits that she likes to use brands from Denmark, a country that often supports and promotes sustainable products. Connie emphasizes the need to read the labels, making sure she stays away from parabens and insists, “if you can’t pronounce the words [on the label], don’t pick it up.” She shares some of her favourite brands which include Tromborg, Rudolph Care and Karmameju.

You are what you eat


Lastly, Connie believes that your outside will often reflect what you’ve been putting in your body and the more vegetables and fruits you eat, the more your skin will thank you. She particularly loves avocado and nuts which are known to have healthy oils and nutritional elements.

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