Christian Louboutin doesn’t consider comfort when it comes to shoes


Christian Louboutin doesn’t think about comfort when designing shoes.

The famed shoe designer, whose red-soled stilettos are adored by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, admits he doesn’t worry if his shoes fit well when he makes them as he’s so concentrated on making them look “sexy”.

He explained: “I don’t think of comfort when designing a shoe. You can’t. Of course, things need to be done properly – a shoe is made to be walked in – but creatively I’m not thinking about comfort at all.

“The first emotion I want to provoke is, ‘How beautiful! How sexy!’ I don’t want people to think, ‘How comfortable!’ “

Christian, 51, also praised the style of Britain’s Duchess Catherine, who is known for her love of nude-coloured heels, and says his pal Victoria even gave her a pair of his shoes.

The designer told The Times newspaper: “I have all respect for what Kate Middleton is doing. I know that Victoria Beckham offered her a pair of my boots and she looked great in them. She’s been photographed wearing my boots. She looked fantastic.”

Christian always knew he wanted to be a shoe designer and even left school at the age of 13 to spend his time sketching designs.

Thankfully his parents didn’t mind as he wasn’t a troublemaker.

Christian added: “They were fine with it. I was still a very nice boy. I wasn’t like, ‘I hate you, f**k off, I’m taking drugs.’ I was a cute boy.”



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