Celebrity head-turning hair colours

Bright Locks

In the past, we’ve seen several celebrities rock brightly coloured locks out and about but we’ve noticed an increase in the number of them experimenting with their hair colour. From Nicole Richie to Kylie Jenner, it’s obvious that the safe rules that guide most of our hair colouring choices (like sticking to simple highlights to help brighten up your face or going with soft ombre to keep things fun and fresh) do not apply in their world, making room for purple, pink and teal tresses.

Perhaps their inclination to be experimental is partly fueled by the need to stand out but it may also simply be their way of letting out some fun and creative energy because, after all, who do they have to answer to?

Except for some major misses here and there, we love the idea of having fun with your hair colour and being a little experimental. And even though a bright teal might be quite daunting, perhaps it’s time you had a little fun with it?

Here are some interesting and fun celebrity dos to inspire you!






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