The 7 Best Foods for Stronger Bones


We all need strong healthy bones as bones are quite literally the support system of the body. Bones are constantly broken down and then rebuilt in tiny amounts but when one hits the age of 30, bones are rebuilt much slower and sadly we lose more bone than is created. So in order to help your bones grow stronger, these are foods you should include in your daily diet.


1. Vegetables, especially leafy greens, and also roots and stalks (for the iron and calcium, and for vitamins K and C, which, together with protein, help deposit the collagen matrix)

2. Protein, such as animal foods, beans, and soy foods (for the collagen matrix)

3. Stock (for the minerals)

4. Whole grains (for the magnesium)healthytips1.1.25

5. Foods rich in trace minerals, such as seaweeds, nuts, and seeds

6. Edible bones (for the calcium and other minerals)

7. Healthy fats (for the fat-soluble vitamins needed for the bones, such as vitamins K and D)








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