Fashion Quickie: Stella Mwangi on how to keep it Hip & Urban

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If you’ve seen Stella Mwangi on stage or watched her music videos, then you’ll probably already recognize her style as edgy and urban with a slight Afrocentric flair. We’ve got the gorgeous and talented “Biashara” singer sharing her quick tips on how to get that Stella finesse.

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Stella’s first tip includes putting on a wicked pair of heels which act as a great start for those looking to keep things chic. We suggest trying out a strappy pair with leather details and some quirky hardware to keep things edgy.


stl Chunky-Chains-1

Chunky jewellery is a great way to bring in some hip hop flair to your look and Stella loves her chains. If you’re a little hesitant about how to rock it, consider keeping things simple and clean by leaving out those huge pendants.

stl African-details-web-1


The Norwegian bong singer/rapper reveals that she likes to include some Afrocentric details into her outfits whenever she can as this helps keep things interesting. We think this is a great way to keep the African touch relevant in urban fashion!

stl Nails Check

Judging by Stella’s own nail game, it’s clear that having some well manicured nails are a must-have. She suggests going for a funky colour like the teal she has on here which we think is so refreshing.

stl Stella-mwangi-1

Varsity jackets are great for adding a nonchalant feel to an outfit and Stella insists that draping it over your shoulders is a lot cooler than actually wearing it and we agree!

Check out Stella’s look below to see how she incorporated the above tips into her outfit when she came to visit us.


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