Woman’s Health: The food you eat impacts your Vagina


Every woman who cares for her health should know by now that you are what you eat! And if that is the case then you probably know what you eat will influence your health. For a woman, eating for two should mean eating clean not only for your overall health but for a healthy vagina.

I’m sure you have now noticed that some foods you eat will alter the natural acidic PH of your vagina hence altering the smell of  your pee and your vagina.

So what should you feast on for a normal smelling, healthy vagina?

A healthy vagina has a natural acidic PH. It also has healthy bacteria that helps keep infections at bay but the foods you eat can alter this.

Spices, garlic, onions, red meat, asparagus, broccoli, dairy and alcohol are those foods that will influence the PH balance of your vagina and give it an unnatural smell.

For an acceptable natural body odor and for maintenance of  a healthy acidic PH balance and not forgetting less trips to the gynae it is always best to eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, yoghurt and drink plenty of water.

Certain fruits and fruit juices can also change the smell of things for the better. It is also best to cut back on unnatural sugars .

Did you know: Women with high blood sugar due to diabetes may be at an increased risk for yeast infections?



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