Fashion with a purpose: The James Gachui Suit Drive


It’s not often that you run into three brilliant, articulate and beautiful sisters who also happen to be the brains behind an innovative and philanthropic campaign. We sat down with the Gachui sisters to hear more about The James Gachui Suit Drive.

June, Jennifer and Angela Gachui conceptualized the Suit Drive to honour their father’s, James Gachui, legacy who passed away three years ago. They were unsure about what to do with his clothes, particularly his suits, which aptly represented his life as a business man and Rotarian. “He was an entrepreneur, passionate about service and youth. He believed that they were truly the future” said June about their father.

It was Jennifer who first introduced the idea of a Suit Drive which she had previously conducted while working in America. The idea was simple: collect as many gently worn suits as they possibly can, find candidates in need of professional clothes, and provide these men and women with a new wardrobe to fit their professional journey.

In the one month that they have been running the Suit Drive, they have successfully managed to garner more than one hundred suits and all this through word of mouth. They even managed to get interest from corporates which are now keen to partner with them on this campaign.

Upon collecting the suits, the ladies will inspect, clean and display the pieces at the store at Jimana Offices, Church Road, Westlands, which also acts as one of their drop off points. Only catch is, in order for you to be a Suit Drive candidate, you’d have to be referred to them either  by a rehabilitation center, university, recruitment office or any such reputable organization that deals with potential professional candidates.

The sisters hope to hold a suiting party at least once a month at the store where the candidates will not only get to walk away with a new suit free of charge, but also get some training on general presentation and professional etiquette from makeup artists, stylists and image consultants.

Their hope is to not only provide women and men with a professional wardrobe but to also inspire a feeling of confidence. Jennifer notes that in the previous Suit Drives she’s worked on, she not only found candidates to be genuinely grateful for the opportunity but also noted that past participants would often return to the Suit Drives and assist where they can.

The Gachui sisters hope to empower thousands of potential candidates who lack the right attire to confidently venture into corporate world. They confess that some of the suits they have received thus far are from well known brands such as Givenchy and Pierre Cardin proving that the deserving candidates will be embarking on this new journey one fashionable step at a time.

If you have any questions, you can email them at or reach the sisters at @junegachui, @waringa and @soulsystah


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