Fashion Quickie: 5 ways to embrace Afrocentric fashion with Chidinma

chidinma Ekile 2

Chidinma Ekile is back in town and after sitting down with her, we’ve got some exclusive scoop on how she likes to subtly incorporate Afrocentric pieces into her wardrobe!

Known for her love of Afrocentric music, it is no surprise that Chidinma’s closet is filled with a good number African inspired pieces, some of which she made herself. Her hit song “Kedike”, put her on the map and we often see her on stage wearing at least one African inspired piece. So who best to get advice from when it comes to incorporating this style into your wardrobe? The West African beauty shares 5 simple tips with us.

chidinma Ekile tips 1 Beautiful Bangles

Chidinma admits to creating several of her own bangles including the one she had on during the interview. All you need is a simple bracelet, kitenge fabric and voila! We recommend mixing up your fabric bracelets with metal (either gold or silver) ones so as to add some character to your wrists.

chidinma Ekile tips simple studs

Earrings are a great way to add colour, print and texture to your face and just like the bracelets, Chidinma believes that you can DIY your own button studs. We think this is the easiest way to incorporate Afrocentric pieces if you happen to find them a little daunting to work with.

chidinma Ekile tips rock the rings

Rings have always been an effortless way to add some quirky edge to your outfit.  Chidinma confesses that rings are a little harder to create at home but it doesn’t stop her from accessorizing with them. If you’re looking for a more edgy vibe, we recommend trying out rings with a tribal theme that have an antique feel to them.

chidinma Ekile tips hot headbands

Headbands have a notorious reputation of making one look a little like a school girl but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to shed a few years off every once in a while? Chidinma suggests accessorizing your hair with a headband if you’re looking for more of a statement accessory. Remember, you can always keep it classy like Audrey Hepburn did by pairing your headband with outfits that have simple clean silhouettes.

chidinma Ekile tips power pants

Finally, the singer-songwriter suggests finding a good fitting pair of pants to act as a statement piece. This will definitely be the head turner so we suggest you find the perfect fit, right pattern and work it!

chidinma Ekile 1

Chidinma will be filming the second season of Coke Studio Africa and we can’t wait to see what Afrocentric styles she’ll be donning on stage.

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