Hot trend alert: The culotte comeback

The Culotte Comeback pic 8

Remember that time culottes were a major hit? Well they’re back and making a strong fashion statement this year.

These skirt-resembling pants were a big hit in the nineties but they left a rather sour taste in many fashionable mouths, leading most to believe that this trend was never to be revisited. But, as seen on several Spring 2014 catwalks, they have been resurrected and are back with a bang.

Part of the reason culottes have often been maligned lies in the motive behind their origin. These wide leg cropped pants were first seen on women in the late nineteenth century to aid in horse riding and other such physical activities. It wasn’t about being fashionable; it was about being practical and this came at the expense of style, as some would argue.

We’ve seen fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and Miroslava Duma step out in this controversial piece and recently, our very own Lupita Nyong’o paired hers with a crop top at the CFDA Awards, getting mixed reactions from critics. What do you think, love them or hate them?

The Culotte Comeback pic 9


After seeing international fashion houses such as Alexander Wang, Hermes and Mulbery feature the culotte in their catwalks, it’s clear these pieces are here to stay, at least for a couple of seasons. If you ask me, the key to including these faux skirts into your wardrobe is to follow this simple three-step rule:

  1. Keep it classic by going for neutral colours
  2. Add a good pair of heels so as keep your height and
  3. Make sure you leave the house with bucket loads of confidence!

Whichever way you look at it, culottes are not for the faint-hearted.


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