Hot Trend Alert: Double-Headed Pearl Jewellery


There’s a new trend in town ladies and gentlemen and this time we’ve got Dior and their “Mise En Dior” earring collection to thank. Their statement studs which were a hit on the catwalk, appears to have paved the way for double-headed pearl jewellery, including necklaces and cuffs.

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The Dior collection, which was released late 2013, is made from a range of exquisite jewels but their pearl pieces seems to have ignited a craze in the industry. These double-headed studs have been seen on several celebrities including Rihanna and Emma Watson and have also made their rounds in the hot bloggers’ must-have wish list.

Pearls have been a classic staple in many women’s jewellery collection but due to its price points and rarity, they have often been reserved for the rich elite as seen on Queens and First Ladies around the world. However, Dior’s collection has been able to inspire a more current and chic perspective to these precious gems.

This vintage-inspired yet modern take on pearls is both subtle and fun, making room for casual day-wear and fun nights out in the town. To keep up with the double-headed trend, several websites have been seen offering faux-pearl options for budget-sensitive shoppers as inspired by the Mise En Dior collection.

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