MIMI.co.ke launches store at Nairobi’s Greenhouse

Saturday, June 5th, marked the official launch of MIMI Online Shop’s first physical store which was graced by some of Kenya’s top fashion enthusiasts. The event, which started at midday, presented shoppers with discounted prices on trendy, sophisticated pieces and allowed fashion-lovers to interact further with the MIMI brand and team.

The launch was held at The Greenhouse, Nairobi, just a few feet away from their new store located on the ground floor. Guests were able to have their makeup and hair done on the house while having appetizers of their choice, leaving a fabulous feel in the air.

Among the guest list was Size 8, Connie Aluoch, Karen Knast and MIMI’s founder, Julie Gichuru. Upon noticing the increasing interest and demand in fashion, Julie decided to establish MIMI Online Shop.  She and her husband, Anthony Gichuru, then founded MIMI in order to leverage this interest and provide shoppers with stylish outfits using their website – www.mimi.co.ke – as the primary platform.

“Having operated online for one and a half years as an online platform, MIMI plans to expand its operations to more clientele by giving shoppers the choice for either online sales or in-store sales,” Julie shared.

The pieces found in store not only cater to the fashion forward woman but to those looking for classic silhouettes. Julie has also been seen wearing MIMI while acting as news anchor on live television proving that these pieces can also be taken into a more professional setting. MIMI will also soon be meeting the fashionable needs of Kenya’s growing male market by providing classic trendy clothing to meet their needs.

With pieces ranging from denim jackets, to the classic little black dress and even the sophisticated trench, MIMI’s launch of the physical store will provide shoppers with a chance to physically interact with the brand and their clothing.

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