Why just being friends with guys will keep you single


“Men only see me as one of the guys…they don’t see me as that desirable woman.”

How many times have we heard that? Women complaining that they’re only seen as a friend and not as a love interest by men.

How many times have you heard: “I only have male friends, I don’t really have a lot female friends…I get along with men more.”

Men love to be surrounded by female energy.  According to relationship specialist and host of iHeartRadio’s Love Life, Matthew Hussey, sometimes women remove themselves from the game.

“Female energy is beautiful, those women who avoid it in order to usually be around more guys, are usually the ones who lose it.”

Hussey reminds women that it can be easy to forget how to be a female and end up removing themselves from the dating field.

“They [women] forget how to have that feminine energy that is so powerful around guys.”

Of course a guy won’t see you as a desirable woman when all the men see you in a masculine aspect only.

Find out how just being friends with guys will keep you single in the video below:


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