Curvy Chronicles: Socks and Pumps

(By Njamio Kariuki)

All I’ve heard coming from friends in Nairobi is how cold the weather is, coming from a country that snows, I thought it was all being exaggerated but about two weeks ago I had a taste of the chilly Nairobi nights, worst part is there is no heating system so I had to go buy a heater at Nakumatt. I agree it gets cold!

Trending for awhile now is the socks and sandals which was probably started by the Olsen twins being spotted at the airport, their plan was probably just comfort but because they are fashionable celebs, it was picked up as a trend, I’m personally not a big fan of the flat sandals and socks but I however love the pumps and socks and have been meaning to try it for a while now, so I did.


All you will need are the ruffle ankle socks  and your fave pair of pumps with cropped pants, a dress or skirt. I wore a blush pink swing dress which was out of my comfort zone but went for it, with blush pink shoes. I’m more into dark colors because of my dark skin, they compliment each other.


The socks will keep you warm through the cold and the pumps paired with a skirt will give you an office wear and allow you toshow up in something different and fashionable, have heads turning, with your head up high.

Keep it Curvy and Confident.

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