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  1. Avatar Garden-City Boy January 15th, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    At the end of it, this young man, denied the parental care he needed in his early life, will be expected to embrace awusa and accept the barbaric murderers as “fellow najerans’ and hail Nigeria. These awusas expect just the impossible. and surprisingly they seem to get anything they want . The savage awusas made an orphan out of this poor boy after they murdered both his parents. Their real intention was for turn little Victor into an almajiri street urchin, or have him die a slow agonizing death.
    How would anyone expect a traumatized young man who was denied parental care in his early life to regard these awusas? After both his parents are murdered, no awusa man was punished for the crime. The criminals disappeared into thin air. Their man, Gowon, recognized it in 1966 when he seized power in the bloodiest military coup that shocked the entire world. He was honest enough to declare that the basis of Nigeria’s unity did not exist. But they turn around to forge a non-existent concept because of the Southern resources to be plundered and pillaged.
    In spite of their monopoly of the Southern oil wealth and political power, these awusa pursue the path of mass murder of Southerners who now live at the mercy of savage awusas, one day at a time. Meanwhile, Victor Moses had to loose his dear parents. What explanations does the Nigerian state have for this talented young man? Is that the sacrifice he should called upon to contribute to the forging of a fraudulent Nigeria, which is a mere foraging ground for the greedy, barbaric awusas? Hell, no!.


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