Experimenting with new hairstyles? This app is the most realistic

newdo hairstyle app

It’s time for a new look and you’ve figured the best way is to overhaul your hairstyle. It’s been years since you’ve changed your hairstyle and frankly, you don’t believe you’ll look good in most of these styles made popular by celebrities. What do you do?

The new mobile application NewDo enables you to try-on dozens of new hairstyles with unparalleled realism, without ever needing a visit to the hairdresser. Each hairstyle is uniquely adapted to your pose, face shape and skin color using advanced 3D tech.

Unlike other apps, NewDo really looks realistic – giving you a great opportunity to try different hairstyles without cutting a single strand of hair and still share your new look with friends to seek their approvals.

Some of NewDo’s features includes:

✫ preview hairstyles with your own face
✫ find a hairstyle that perfectly complements you
✫ 73 cute everyday haircuts available
✫ each in 4 haircolors
✫ uniquely matches your face shape, pose and skin tone
✫ better than a salon consultation
✫ skip embarrassing & expensive hair experiments
✫ realistic 3D previews to see from all angles
✫ simply the best hairstyle preview app there is
✫ try for free and unlock more hairstyles in-app
✫ share with your friends & family

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