A bit of Colored Leather for this frigid weather


Nairobi always has beautiful weather even when the temperatures are quite low, it is always still manageable hence wearing some clothing items are always best left to winter prone countries. Heavy leather pants and heavy leather jackets, uggs,  are just some of those clothes best left for  Eskimos.

The thing is,since it is coldest in the mornings and evenings we can still pull off light clothing which is a major plus since you don’t have to make a big adjustment to your wardrobe in between seasons. A scarf, a light sweater, a light leather jacket are just some of the accessories which you can throw on in the morning, toss away in the afternoon and throw back on again in the evening.

Colored leather jackets are especially all the rage currently. These chic jackets will leave you looking modish effortlessly while keeping you warm. Cold weather does not necessarily mean drab clothes, you can always spice up your outfit with bright clothing  and besides, leather jackets give you that trendy edge.

Normally, you would look odd wearing a leather jacket in Nairobi because it is always warm but now you have an excuse because of the low temperatures. Below are a few ideas on how you can wear your leather jacket based on your style.












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