The right brush equals flawless Make-up


It may hurt the wallet slightly initially but trust me ladies, investing in a good quality set of make-up brushes will only help you… and in the long run, that hurting wallet!

You may find some brushes in the cosmetics that you buy, but it is really best to go the professionals and models way –which is to buy your own set for purpose and quality.

These are the tools that will enable you create that flawless look!

To tell the difference between poor and high quality brushes, you must learn the feel of a good quality brush.

Lower quality, cheaper brushes are usually made of plastic, feel coarse to the touch and have uneven bristles.They are likely to fall apart after a few applications or release bristles onto your face as you apply your make up.

Different types of make-up require different types of brushes.

A powder brush must have a thick head of soft hairs to evenly apply your loose or pressed powder. SB_Powder_Brush_815557364.jpg

There are different eye shadow brushes depending on the type of application you require.

Those with smaller, tighter bristles give a more dense application of product whereas those with longer, looser bristles give a lighter application and you can ‘sweep’ product on your eye for a much softer look.


Good quality eye shadow and powder brushes are usually made from animal hairs like pony’s, goats and squirrels (with no animals harmed in the process as the hairs are cut or shaven off a live animal).

The quality is graded by length, evenness of cut, and fineness.

Concealer and foundation brushes are usually made of synthetic material such as nylon, and the bristles are very tightly packed together to allow for a thicker application of product.  SB_Foundation_Brush_675802613.jpg

These are both for more liquid or paste textures of make-up.

Eye liner requires a thin, small brush to accommodate thick liquid eyeliner make-up.  These are usually synthetic as well.

Basically, don’t ever cheat yourself out of a make-up brush – the right brush will get your make-up on in the right way.  It is a difference you will definitely be able to see!

Have a great weekend, from SuzieBeauty!


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