Trend Alert: The Old school Vasrity jacket

Fashionable pieces are always reincarnated from specific past times. Some make a comeback with a twist to suit the modern times while some just come back as they were. The latter is the case with the varsity jackets coming back to the fashion streets and not as some part of a college uniform but as a garment that offers you warmth regardless of gender and your getup.

varsityThe varsity jackets have a “cool” air about them. You almost look as a fresh uni student. They give you that casual chilled out vibe and seeing as Nairobi’s cold weather is not that cold, they can pass for the cold season wardrobe staple.

Guys can wear this as part of a casual outfit but these jackets have an age limit. Younger men look dapper and fresh in them while much older men with big bellies would just look wrong or like they are trying too hard to look young and like they are still with it which is not a very good look.

varsity-menWhen it comes to the belles, the varsity jacket can also complete a trendy, casual, laid back getup. You could always throw it on regardless of what you are pairing it with be it jeans, shorts, a skirt, leggings or a simple dress. But always remember that it is not to be worn over some glamorous gown or over an official work attire. Other than that if it is for casual look, you are at liberty to rock this chic piece.

g66mwmm2 m6jb3e5vThe best part about the varsity jacket is that you can have it customized with your initials and they also come in an array of colors which makes it easier to pick your favorite combo.


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