SMS: The Short Man Syndrome

When it comes to dating, there is no such thing as a level playing field. For a start, if you are male over 18 and still under 5 “4, consider yourself disadvantaged. Women will walk past you like you were transparent. Contrary to what the good book says, not all men were created equal, at least not in the eyes of the woman. Girls detest short men for no legit reason other than the need to continue looking up to men. Idealists will argue that such thinking is outdated and sexist but if you think height is overrated, think again. Otherwise short women in high heels will routinely blurt out height slurs like, “I can never date short guys” and they are dead serious. It is not a coincidence that the female holy trinity still stands rooted as tall, dark and handsome and not caring, sensitive and honest.


When good looks aren’t your strength, they will let you by on the might of your bank balance but on height there will be no debate. Women will be forgiving of the overweight and won’t really fret over your misplaced fashion sense but show up short and a sneer immediately creeps onto their faces. In other words the only short people guaranteed of dates without a great deal of fuss are like Tom Cruise, rich and powerful.
Regular ordinary people born on the short side of life have learnt to live with this genetic consequence.

In a height prejudiced society the short encounter innumerable challenges. Imagine a world where you stand up to address people and some smart alec shouts, “Can you stand up please, we can’t see you from the back”.

A world where lifts are filled with giants.

Where bar stools are mounted and driving a car means your feet won’t always touch the pedals.

Where efforts are made to choose flat shoes for the bride and where you have to tip toe to kiss the bride.

Where short women avoid you in order to give their unborn kids a better chance at succeeding in life.

The question is why is height so important for women? Does it actually make a difference in bed? Well, most girls will nod sheepishly to that. They claim short guys have to stop during the act just to kiss them. After play, at a time when men are drained and drowsy women just want be spooned, she doesn’t want you kicking her thighs or puffing out hot breath on her back.

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