#SusanEats: The faultless Eggs Benedict at Seven Grill & Lounge

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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Nairobi, reminiscent of summer with the freshness of the rainy season quickly approaching – perfect for a leisurely brunch on a covered patio, getting lost in our thoughts whilst people-watching at Village Market. My girlfriends and I were quite excited to experience Seven Grill & Lounge’s very first brunch service a few weeks ago. In case you haven’t heard, Seven Grill & Lounge now serves brunch on Sundays, all day from 10am.

Seven Grill & Lounge at Village Market is located in Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya.To book, click here. Special thanks to Eat Out Kenya.

Seven Grill & Lounge is an exquisite venue for a romantic dinner with its chic and modern atmosphere, but picture this: Sunday morning, a lovely sunny day with a slight breeze, fantastic company, and a deliciously well-executed brunch. Can it get any better?

Being welcomed by a smiling hostess is rare in Nairobi, let alone the delivery of impeccable service — of course, we would expect no less from Seven Grill & Lounge, which together with its sister restaurant Seven Seafood & Grill, has built quite the reputation for attentive hospitality.

Equally professional, the interior is clean and uncluttered. The restaurant is spacious in feeling and coupled with the understated neutral colour palette, results in a relaxing ambience. The atmosphere is cosy and warm. I particularly liked the patio seating; cosy and homely but if that’s not for you, regular seating and private function rooms surrounded by walls of champagne are also available. Its pristine open-kitchen in the center of the swanky space is a stunning show-piece, which surely will capture the imagination and taste buds of every diner.

After the initial excitement of being reunited with Kariuki (the former-waiter-come-manager that gave me such wonderful service the very first time I dined at Seven at ABC Place), we were seated at a table where we could enjoy the fresh air.

First order of the day was a glass of freshly made Bloody Mary table-side and French-pressed coffee. The Bloody Mary was deliciously different with the special coriander, cucumber, lime and smoky Jalapeno mix. If that doesn’t wake you up on a Sunday morning, not sure what will.

My palette now ready and awake, I moved on to the Sevens Eggs Benedict: perfectly poached eggs over Italian Bresaola and fresh leaves of rocket served with Hollandaise Sauce and shaved cheddar – all stacked on an English Muffin. My eggs were done perfectly. They sat delicately on the English Muffin, arriving at my table jiggling. A single prick to the eggs revealed gooey golden yolk that oozed out slowly.

I know you’re thinking that it sounds like your regular brunch – but you really just don’t know how good it is until you’ve tried a perfect Eggs Benedict where the delicately poached eggs were wonderfully shaped without random strands of hanging egg white and the Hollandaise Sauce was not broken nor too buttery. Most importantly, the sauce was warm and not overbearingly acidic, a common mistake for those that have a heavy hand when it comes to lemon juice. The porous English Muffin effortlessly soaked up the creamy egg yolk and sauce in all its nooks and crannies. It was almost sensual.

Chef Kiran Jethwa checks up on us and suggests the Gujarati Breakfast. The special Indian breakfast breads sound amazing and absolutely delicious. Kariuki flashes his signature smile and pleads that I leave room for some fluffy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip pancakes next time. Suggestions all noted.

It’s no surprise that my companions and I had an exceptional time at Seven Grill & Lounge and thoroughly enjoyed our brunch. Readers, never have a mediocre Sunday brunch in Nairobi again – you know where to go. 

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