The ‘Must-Haves’ in mens’ wardrobes

You will agree with me when I say men fashion is not as versatile like for the women. But a man can make his own signature statement form things he has in his wardrobe that women would love. These are just a few of the thing women love on men:


Nice Haircut.
What can I say…nice haircut, trimmed moustache and side burns….nice aftershave…! Yeah! This will always work wonders.

Fitting Dress shirts.
This looks good on guys with well toned body. But even a bloke without Usher’s abs would look
dress_shirts_291459433.jpgbetter…a fitted shirt, be it a simple T-, short sleeved or long sleeved shirt. And just for the record, the term ‘fitted shirt’ does not mean your kid brother’s shirt.  Dress shirts are commonly available in three different fits: athletic, regular and full. Choose your dress shirt fit based on your body type and personal style. If you sport a beer belly, however…you might want to avoid this look.


Someone please tell me why more men don’t take advantage of automatic sex appeal? Scarves are like dress shirts -every man can look good in one. When a brother wears a woolen scarf, either under a simple coat or with a fitting sweater…Damn. So polished! The fact is, scarves make you look good. In fact, the right scarf can make the average man twice as hot. JUST like that.

scarf lupeArab Scarves
Yes, I know it seeems we’ve already covered this… but guys in Arab scarves just takes it to the next level. This is not an easy look to pull off, however, when done well (“Aii Papiii!”) One casual simple look that works with this is very simple: A baseball cap, white T-shirt, baggy jeans, sneakers, black and white Arab scarf. The Arab scarf is the new men’s fashion item, making you feel… well, like a royal sheik! Not only is it useful as a scarf, it’s cool in hot weather, and extremely comfor+table.

Tailored Jackets


Cotton, leather, twill or tweed or long or short… Every man needs one! A jacket, in my not-so-humble opinion, is what separates men who like to look good from men who know they got to look good  -and know how to go about it. They are flattering to men of all shapes and sizes, because they square the shoulders and trim the hips, giving you a figure… even where there isn’t one! They are an ablsolute must. The best things about them? They can be worn both on casual as well as formal occasions, they’re so damn smart!

Blue Jeans
Jeans are never to be underestimated. A man’s choice of jeans actually says more about him that he would like to think. Jeans that are a fitted rather than loose remain the best choice for men. They reveal a nice firm silhouette, and hint at the ultimate fantasy: footballer’s legs.  NEver go too tight though, or the ladies will think you’re off their market!!! 

A baggy, loose look, on the other hand, hints at insecurity, aimlessness and carelessness. Not something any true lady will go for… especially if you’re above the age of 18.


Men’s loafers are a versatile and stylish choice of shoe. They’re great for dressing up casual wear, or for adding a relaxed feel to dress attire. There is nothing that looks as good as a pair of casual or semi-formal tailored slacks, paired with smart loafers. They can even be worn, with out without socks… Deadly!