Feeling spontaneous? Explore flights in fun, new ways with Google

google flight search

Google Flight Search was launched just over a year ago, which allowed users to search flights through price-focused searches exploring different destinations within a region. Well Google is revamping it and adding even more functionality into Google Travel.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can click on the map to enter a full-screen exploring experience. You can pan the entire world and see all of the different cities you can fly to, see photos of the top attractions for each city and see how the price changes based on holidays, day of the week or time of year.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, try the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. It’s kind of like a travel slot machine. Simply select the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button from within the expanded map and we’ll give you ideas of where to go. You can add price or time limits and press the button as many times as you want — we’ll keep suggesting destinations you might like.

Additionally, whenever you type a region (e.g. “South America”) as your destination in Flight Search you’ll see cards for the most popular destinations within that region, and destinations personalized for you based on your past searches. We’ll also provide a map so you can see where these places are located — as well as the lowest fare and duration to fly to each place.

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