Lessons from the Broth

lessons from a broth michael ngigi

I’ve always had a long standing interest in culinary arts. Every once in a while I shop for cooking ingredients (mostly stuff I’ve never tasted) and experiment with the aim of discovering a new recipe. I have always been fascinated by how varying tastes in ingredients come together and produce great tasting food. Think about it, how can pepper, salt, honey, chicken and heat come together to form the best roast chicken? I doubt you would eat ground pepper by the spoon with nothing to accompany it, not even water!

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Every year, I take a few months off animal products to rejuvenate my taste buds. I’m on my second week this year. During this period, I take time to learn how to prepare tasty vegetarian meals. For those of you who think veggies can never be tasty think again. Take time to visit an oriental restaurant and rest assured you’ll change your mind.

Last weekend I invited some of my closest friends over for lunch. We had a great time and ended up watching Tusker’s Project Fame Finale (my first time) together. As they were leaving, they all thanked me for hosting them and most of all they said it was the best vegetarian meal they’d ever tasted. Such a bunch of professional ass kissers! I blushed. As I prepared to sleep, I went over the events of the day and couldn’t help noting that I had actually learnt something important from the vegetable broth I had made.

You see every end-of-year, I find myself analyzing and evaluating how the year has been generally. I like to put it down in terms of milestones and events, both good and bad. Being human, I’m sometimes tempted to regret and complain over everything that didn’t go my way. It seems true that time lost is never recovered.

This was the year I lost friends and had to give up others. It’s funny how life has a way of harshly integrating one into its system. It is amazing how much baggage one can carry courtesy of friends. I am the ride-or-die type of friend, but I eventually had to make a choice between hanging on to useless relations, going insane and breaking free. I chose the latter. I learnt that life gets better when you free yourself from these weights called useless friends.

2010 defined family and friends for me by showing me that there is a very thin line between the two. If you’re like me, you’re  the type that would do anything for family and friends. Unfortunately we all end up with the realization that you can’t save the whole world. Sometimes, you come to terms with the hollow fact that there is no one to save you too. These are the moments that bring tears to our eyes, just like grating onions. I admit at at times I haven’t been there for family and friends (I see no difference between the two), but I did the best I could.

These are dreams not realized. Of all the resolutions I made  at the beginning of this year, I only achieved half. It almost feels like that girl you didn’t say hi to and are sure to regret it for the rest of your life. Salt is for the affection you never expressed. For all the apologies you never made. The wrongs you’d make right if given another chance. Too bad, these moments are gone for good. Talk about salt in the eyes.

I made good money this year (just don’t ask me to account for it). As much as the stocks generally performed poorly this year, I got away with a fair share. Good deals colored my year all round. I was also able to take board a plane for the first time headed for a vacation. It’s a great feeling to strike off one item from my bucket list. I also discovered a long hidden hobby, writing. This was one of the biggest highlight of the year.

Two years ago, my dream was to know how to write and speak good english. It was a great feeling to have readers appreciate my articles as soon as I set up my blog. It is true after all that when you desire something for long, it draws nearer to you. I am thankful for these green moments that have nourished me and others through me.

Friends and family make life bearable. No man is an island. I know I have a cushion to fall back for whatever. Sometimes I wish the whole world had my family as their family. My parents have been an inspiration and a bedrock to me. I love them to death. My brothers and sisters, no words. I’d do anything for them.

I have the silliest friends God can give any human being. They are funny, stupid, intelligent and blunt. These strong people have stood by me all this time. I know they’ll be there tomorrow and the day after. Life goes on smoothly when you have a real family.

She knows. Sexy. Smart. Beautiful. Mine.

Time is the heat that bonds all the ingredients of life to taste however we want it.

After observing the process of making vegetable broth, I have come to the conclusion that a good year is made up of a series of events; both good and challenging. What matters is the outcome of the mix. Did you learn from your misfortunes? Did your downfalls make you stronger? How about your successes? Did you pass them on to others? Were you thankful for your blessings? I hope you counted them in the first place. Whatever happened, happened. Tomorrow is another day. Another year and definitely something different to prepare in your ‘kitchen’.

Next time you cook your broth. Sit back. Learn from it.

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