Hot Accessory Alert: The Gold Metallic belt

The metallic belt has been all the rage since sometime in 2012 on the international fashion circles and it has become a “must own” for every fashionista.

This metallic belt is one amazing fashion accessory. Besides cinching in your waist it has the ability to make your plain outfit pop a little bit more. It has a bold vibe to it and with other right accessories , you have no option but to stand out.

belt-1For the perfect outcome, wear this amazing belt with a mono color outfit to give you an effortless well put together look. The belt can bring any dull outfit from drab to fab.

My favorite look with the belt is with an all black or all white outfit. Because those are neutral colors and they can be a bit boring  when not accessorized accordingly.

belt skinny-belt tpeo75co m4b66m83Whether you prefer the skinny version or the thicker version of the belt, it will still work magic on your outfit making it look like a different outfit altogether.skinny-belt-2 mhh3601v 1sr0b8yu

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