#TRAVEL: The ultimate spa weekend on slopes of Mount Kenya

Fairmont MKSC 2012-20

The sounds of Mount Kenya unfold as I drift away. The whispering wind, trickling flow of water from nearby rivers and streams fed from glaciers, clip-clop of hooves, chirping birds and sharp crackles from a bonfire – all sounds of my day that lingers. Memories of the champagne breakfast, an afternoon of pampering, delicious meals and great conversations with my companions are still fresh.  Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is a true retreat experience.

Weekenders, honeymooners, mountaineers and nature lovers will be captured by Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club’s charm, especially by the views from the resort that are the most spectacular to be had in the area – the perfect place to seek regular solitude during your stay in Kenya.

My journey to Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki begins with a 3.5 hour drive from their sister city-hotel, Fairmont The Norfolk in Nairobi, Kenya.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, which straddles the equator, is about rustic, heritage, laidback-luxury infused with its idyllic surrounds. It feels intimate even though it is a 120-room property. Our spa getaway weekend begins with an amazing day at one of the William Holden Cottages. These two-bedroom stand-alone cottages, named after the property’s founder, have been restored to their former glory and charm of the original residence.

A majestic living room with an elegant stone fireplace welcomes us with a warm fire and seamlessly brings in the outdoors with its sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows and patio doors that open to a spacious private lawn, where our high tea awaited. Two ensuite rooms flank the lounge, perfect for small families or in this case, a girl’s getaway with three of your closest female confidantes.

Our cottage is transformed into a large private spa treatment room with three therapists waiting to provide us with massages, manicures and pedicures. Our waiter heads to the well-stocked bar and pops a bottle of champagne just in time for us to quench our thirst as we picked out our nail colours.

Our chef and waiter continued to indulge us on our private patio and lush lawn that evening. Fresh organic vegetables harvested from the on-site quarter acre garden (where even the liquid fertilizer is produced organically), grilled lamb, chicken, beef and queen prawns – were all prepared and finished to perfection. A rich chocolate mousse was the perfect conclusion to our meal and our nightcap in front of the dancing bonfire was the ideal backdrop for nostalgic memories and a late-night gossip session.

In the morning, the sun rose with pinks and corals painted over the majestic Mount Kenya. My television was never turned on. Wouldn’t you?

Champagne breakfast on the slopes of Mount Kenya awaited, we saddled-up on four incredibly gentle horses. Butterflies danced in the dappled early morning light and colourful birds flew about playfully along the trails as my companions and I rode into the Mount Kenya National Park. Soon, the tree-covered trails opened into expansive lush landscapes. In the distance, a circular table beautifully adorned by champagne flutes, tableware and white linen looked like a mirage with the view of Mount Kenya in the distance. The horse ride was about half an hour.

Food is an integral part of the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club’s newest special package where you and a group of three friends enjoy a weekend of rejuvenation and pampering. From indulging in an afternoon of high tea to a dinner feast of fresh cuts of meat and seafood enjoyed at your private patio and lawn. A champagne breakfast seemed like a fitting end to a weekend of indulgence, eggs and smoke salmon washed-down with champagne, and we all know a cheeky Brut really does the trick.

Beyond the glam and gloss of endless espressos, bubbles and pampering there is a deeper meaning to be found at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club if you seek it. It’s the spiritual energy of the mountain itself. Without any distractions, the gentle energy of Mount Kenya inevitably will wrap itself around you. And for some, that is the reason why they keep returning.


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