Fashion, style and personality:Actress, Artistic

 How to pick a fashion style that suits your personality

The Actress Type

This woman favors a soft feminine glamorous style. She is naturally sexy and playful and doesn’t take herself too seriously.
This woman absolutely loves to doll up, and enjoys fashion. Her mantra is if you got it flaunt it, and her style does that to perfection. actress_764723533.jpg

Fussy details such as ruffles and lace are her kind of scene since this woman not only enjoys fashion, but she also loves mixing and matching colors, fabric texture and style for a stunningly beautiful look.
She is the type of woman who prefers flirty feminine dresses to manly suits or even pants because dresses highlight her best physical attributes and allow her to shine.

She has very few girl friends, since she often intimidates other women with her strikingly good looks, stunning figure and the constant attention she gets from men each time she walks into a room. If you want to picture this type of fashion personality think Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce or Halle Berry.

To create this look:

• Choose feminine outfits that express sex appeal but at the same time remain playful, flirty and fun. The trick is to remember that whatever you chose to wear has to look glamorous.

• Clothing that is too baggy or dull should be avoided like the plague. Instead go for bright colored outfits that are form fitting with designs, prints fabric, and cuts that flatter your physique and highlight your best attributes.

• Accessories are a must have for this girl. So invest in beautiful jewelry, fabulous strappy heels, and bags to match each outfit. Learn how to mix and match as this is fundamental for your overall look.

The artistic type

This woman is carefree, romantic and free spirited. Her mantra is comfort and creativity so she often opts to wear fabric that appears to be more art with a feeling of flow.
This woman is rather spontaneous and very independent so her fashion style tends to be a reflection of this.
Self expression is fundamental to this woman, hence quite often than not her clothing would have an artistic feel either through design or material.  Picture Lauryn Hill, Erykah badu or India Arie.


How to create this look:

• Dress for creativity and comfort. Your style should be artistic and authentic. When you purchase an outfit the fabric used should be either linen or cotton fabric with a loose comfy flow. Basically your artistic vision ought to be expressed in your style so try to be less preppy and more bohemian.

• Invest in embroidered tunics, feminine flowing skirts, Ugg boots, flared jeans, denim waist coats, ethnic jewelry, caftans, maxi dresses and hand knits.

• Do not be scared to experiment with colors. Have a knack for mixing and matching items. Allow your artistic style to guide you in mixing and blending different colored items to create multiple items with only a few pierces.

• When it comes to hair and make up, creativity is the key. So settle for hairstyles and make up that have an ethnic and artistic feel.


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