Fashion, style and personality: Classic, Rebel

How to pick a fashion style that suits your personality


This woman likes to be appropriately dressed for any occasion. She is poised, conservative, and always appears to be well organized.

Her mantra is chic and simplicity so she favors clothing styles with clean lines that fit her form without showing to much skin or form body. This woman’s fashion personality aims to look good without the need to scream ‘notice me’ with bright colors or too much accessories as a matter of fact she wears very limited accessories, but when add flare and style.


This woman’s style is timeless and elegant and her garments can be worn for years because she always goes for quality as opposed to quantity. Examples of classic type fashion personalities are: Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.


* Invest in black pants, a cotton white button down shirt, perfect fitting tailor suits, a little black/red dress, the perfect suit jacket that can be worn with most things in your wardrobe, and expensive looking jewelry such as elegant pearls are an absolute must haves.

* Do not overdress. Simple but chic should the guiding factor inspiring your fashion sense. So avoid wearing heavy make up or outrageous hairstyles and instead go for soft natural make up and simple classic hair style.

* When you are buying clothes, always settle for quality instead of quantity and also think a head and pick outfits that would allow you to attend various events in a day without having to change outfits completely.


This woman is unconventional and confident. She likes to rebel against traditional fashion establishment and wears outfits that make her stand out instead of simply fitting in. For her, nothing really has to match perfectly because she is the kind of individual who is open minded enough to wear anything that strikes her.

As a result, any style can work with this woman as long as it is fused with her own, and the final product looks both edgy and interesting. Her personal mantra is ‘I am my own person and I can be who I want to be’ and she uses her fashion style to communicate this message to the world.


This woman wouldn’t think twice about putting on what most individuals would never be caught dead wearing. She can be spotted wearing high end designer pieces with chains and combat boots. Many a times her liberal personality might be wrongfully mistaken for that of a bad girl but then again the rebel type couldn’t care less what anyone thought of her. Think Avril Lavigne, Pink, Madonna, Rihanna.

To create this look:

RIRI_554048790.jpg* Simply follow the beat of your own drum and opt to wear clothes that not only define you but are also quite edgy, interesting and make you stand out. You have to ensure that the clothes look dramatic and smashing as your fashion style aims for you not to be just another face in the crowd but to be ‘the-most-memorable-face-in-the-crowd.

* Be unique when you go for shopping and pick outfits that other people will never choose to wear. A rebel type might for instance wear a black tank top that can be matched to any bottom, silver studs, combat boots and fishnet stockings. Whatever you put together remember there is a fine line between fashion and ridiculousness’

* While pairing outfits and deciding what to buy, use a rock star as your inspiration since rock stars understand how to create and consistently maintain this look as its part of their persona. You can shop for fitting leather jackets.

* As for hair and make up be dramatic but beautiful. Smoky eye shadow, Lots of eye liner, and mascara would make your eyes pop and stand out. Your hair should be different from the norm but settle on one that compliments your facial structure and if you opt to change your hair color settle for one that compliments your skin tone.


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