Fashion, style and personality: Sporty

How to a pick fashion style that suits your personality

The sporty type

This woman is about preppy casual. Comfort and simplicity are her manta. She is athletic, energetic and wholesome. The boys adore her and consider her a member of their gang, because she knows her sports. She is a team player and tends to be fiercely loyal to those she loves. She is fun and loves adventures; she is definitely not the type of girl who would back down to a dare because she is very competitive.


Simplicity is the key to this woman’s style and she has no problem at all living a life free from the typical fashion restrictions.  In fact for the sporty personality type, the less the fuss the better for her. So stilettos, anything with lace and bows, cute girlish dresses and tons of make up, are the ultimate deal breaker for this woman. Instead she tends to prefer little or no make up, low heels or flat, comfortable jeans or jump suits, and simple jewelry or no jewellery at all. Example of a sporty type fashion personalities are Laila Ali, The late Aaliyah, Missy Elliot Ciara .


How to create this look:

*Build a wardrobe with easy to wear casual clothing styles. I suggest investing in Cargo pants, jump suits, sports wear, knit sweaters and khaki pants and t-shirts. It is quite fundamental to note that in as much as comfort and simplicity are the key factors to consider while putting together this look; your clothes should also not spell out dull and boring. Remember you are a fun loving and adventurous girl. So your fashion personality needs to compliment that. Ensure that you go for fitted styles with a sexy flare every time you shop. In other words your boyfriend should not be able to fit into your football jersey.


*White or black Cotton tank tops, sexy neutral colored camisoles, and fitting spaghetti strap tops are a definite must have for you. They are not only easy to pair with jeans or fitting khaki pants, but they also look great when worn with a well cut blazer when you need to add that professional edge.Sneakers-1.png

*Easy care hair that looks good but is not a headache to maintain, should be your hairdo. And if you favor head gears, make sure you go for hats and caps that flatter your facial features and bone structure. Head gear is an accessory, and just like with any other accessories it can make or break your style. So instead of just purchasing the first baseball cap you come across, take time to find and invest in one that looks absolutely hot on you.


*Even though you are not huge on make up, make sure you take excellent care of your skin by applying sunscreen, cleansing toning and moisturizing it as often as required. Have your eyebrows done at least once every two weeks since they frame your face and enhance your facial features. As for make up, you don’t really need much if it makes you uncomfortable but always ensure you have at least a tube of lip-gloss, and eye pencil in your bag at all times.


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