Are you being strung along? It is your fault that you are!

I know that’s a whole lot of examples I’ve given here and there are many more… but the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes you make being strung along too easy for the person stringing you along.

When someone shows you their true self the first time believe them! Never lie to yourself that he/she loves you when they clearly don’t! But sometimes the “string alongers” do tell you to your face that they want nothing to do with you or that you are not their type and you choose not to believe them and you make excuses for them that maybe they are just upset about something at the time. In such a case it is fully your fault if you get strung along.

Believe it! In the long run you are the one who will end up losing, hurt  and  looking like a fool and in a situation  where your friends noticed the signs and tried to warn you about it and you chose to turn a deaf ear on them…it’s your fault!

You should always try to read signs. Realize when someone is not into you because you are just creating heartache for yourself.

If someone really loves you, there’s nothing they won’t do for you to make you happy. They will check up on you all the time. They will want to see and hear you laugh. They will want to make life easier for you.  They will do anything to meet up with you if that was the initial plan even if it meant cutting an important meeting short. They will always assure you. They will want to share in your happiness and sadness . Want to talk to you on phone for the longest time (if not be with you). They will not get irritated when with you or when they see your name on caller ID. They will  give an arm and a leg (or maybe not) for you so that you are happy.

It is a given that someone who strings you along doesn’t care for you and the good news is that there’s someone out there who will give anything to be with you. You are just with the wrong person. Do your homework. Look out for the signs that you are being strung along and then get on with life.

It is not a good feeling knowing that someone is forcing themselves to tolerate you because they will get something out of that tolerance. Most people always want to believe that he/she will come around and realize that they can be happy with you…but in most cases that never happens. Save yourself the heartache and know your worth!

Remember though: Being strung along may not always be the case if you identify with some of the situations mentioned above.It could just be that you are with a plain toxic person!

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