Are you being strung along? It is your fault that you are!

*Have you ever been called to “hangout” with someone just because they knew you would handle the bill but ignored you the whole time? And at some point you even overheard them telling one of their friends at the gathering that you are “just their ride home”?

*Have you ever been with someone who constantly communicates with a certain person on phone or you constantly see them together and when you asked they gave you a story about the other person being their best friend when they were actually dating behind your back?

In your head you are in a relationship with someone but there are constant rumors that they are always seen with a certain someone doing dinner or lunch…to which they always deny?

*Does the person in your life do one nice thing for you (after treating you so badly and unfairly) after which he/she continues being an a**hole all over again? They treat you so badly but don’t want you to leave them?

*Is the “someone” in your life always in the middle of something when you call them and they promise to call you back but they wouldn’t be bothered to do so?

*Does that certain someone in your life ask you for money so that they can treat someone else? Like robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of thing?

*Are you with someone who just always makes you cry? Cheats on you constantly? Lies to you constantly? Steals from you?

*Are you in a relationship with someone who will only kiss you on the cheeks or forehead and he/she would rather die than be seen with you in public and yet they claim to love you? And… They will always come up with an excuse when it comes to getting intimate…

*Do you pay someone’s bills (like rent), take care of their shopping, buy them expensive gifts, take them to exotic places and expensive restaurants …basically do everything nice for them and all you get is a “thanks you are such a darling” and yet your intentions are pretty clear to them? And after all that, they don’t volunteer to do simple things for you like maybe invite you to their place for a drink or even make you a simple dinner or lunch?

couple_annoyed*Have you been with someone who is always gloomy when alone with you…like they can’t wait for the date (or whatever it is that made you get together) to be over? Almost like they are just trying to tolerate you?

Does he/she sound really ‘flat’ on the phone when you talk and you can almost imagine them rolling their eyes at the conversation you are having?

*Does the person you are in a relationship with avoid you? Would she/he rather watch a re-run of some boring show rather than spend some time with you?

*Are you with him because he promised to marry you but he’s taking forever to ask you? Or he fed you lies that it’s about time he took a wife and hinted that you are it? He probably just loves you hanging around so that you can do stuff for him like cleaning and cooking…

*Does he/she break dates and lies to you constantly so that they can avoid seeing you because they have other plans? “I worked late that’s why I couldn’t call you…” when we all know that a call is all about picking up your phone and dialing a number. Someone who cares will leave everything for a minute to just call you and let you know what’s up! … It takes a shorter time to text a line or two.

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