Are you being strung along? It is your fault that you are!


Sometimes relationships and the people in them can present very bizarre situations. Situations that leave you thinking WTH? After you realize he or she was just using you like their right hand?

Sometimes we get strung along in relationships not because we didn’t realize it but because we did and chose the other option…the ignore-it-until-it-becomes-what-you-want option!

Check out the following scenarios and see if you answer yes to any of them:

*Have you ever been asked to send someone  airtime and after you sent, all you got was a brief 2 seconds call to thank you and you never heard from that person again until the next time they needed credit? Or when they needed something from you?

*Is there a person you really like but he/she won’t totally commit to you, saying they are not ready for a relationship?  Does he/she always blow you off? Breaks promises? Never makes time for you…?  No matter what you’ve been through for them, whatever you have done for them, whatever sacrifices you have made for them they still  refuse to fully commit to you and yet they don’t want to let you go?

*Do you serve constantly as someone’s backup plan? Maybe because you have money, a car (so that you chauffeur them around) etc…but after doing what they want they have zero interest in you?

*Have you ever accompanied someone to a party/event and they left you all alone in a corner (don’t check up on you not even once the whole time) as they flirt away with other people at the party?

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