Kenyan Sperm bank calls out for Sperm donors


Husband for what? It is not a must to have a husband or boyfriend to have kids anymore. Yes you read that right. You can now just walk in to the Sperm Donor Kenya offices and get a sperm. Times are changing and with the change we can now buy almost anything, including parenthood. Plus in the process there’s a possibility you could make a quick buck. Who would pass up such a possibility?

Sperm Donor Kenya aims to give everyone a chance to become a parent by encouraging males and females from all ethnicities and backgrounds to donate sperms and eggs respectively.

Sperm banks have become popular because of  the needs of the modern man and woman who are either so career focused or who drink too much ruining their fertility in the process or women who have always known that marriage is not for them but would love to have children.  Also, there are those unfortunate couples who cannot have children naturally and may need a little help from elsewhere.
Want to donate your sperm or eggs?

Well, you have to join and become a member OF Sperm Donor Kenya and after that you will have to go through a donor screening process of which you must meet the requirements.

The aim of Sperm Donor Kenya is to fulfill everyone’s dream of becoming a parent. To them infertility issues are non-existent, they aim to sort you out.

You could get a financial token but that would be between you and the recipient of your egg or sperm recipient. With qualified personnel who understand every detail about the procedure while taking care of your health in the process.

So? Would you help somebody become a parent by donating a sperm













For more info check out their website

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