Fashion, style and personality: The Socialite

How to pick a fashion style that suits your personality

Every woman’s fashion identity and personality is expressed in her style. We all have very unique personalities and this plays a key role in influencing our fashion sense. Yup am talking about the psychology of clothes. Just take a look at what you like to wear, specifically your favorite outfit.

The reason you picked it as opposed to everything else you might put on, is because it happens to be a reflection of your personal taste, flavor and aesthetic style. In other words, more often than not, your clothes are ‘You’ and your personal style tells the world and everyone who cares to listen who you are. So for a woman to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin, its essential for her to always wear clothes that reflect her identity, and make her feel at ease in whatever situation.

A typical scenario of ‘bad-clothes-happening-to-good-people is when individuals try to be who they are not and they end up straying into types of clothing worn by other personalities. Sure, the clothes may fit perfectly, and you may even get a compliment or two about how fabulous your clothes look but never on how fabulous they make YOU look. Quite sad when you think about it because at the end of the day regardless of how different our tastes may be, the hunger remains the same; we all want to look and feel fabulous.

If you want to know the secret of how to flatter your inner and outer beauty and make a fashion statement every time you step into a room, it is important to know and understand your clothing personality and use that to create your own unique signature style.


This is the woman who wants to be noticed. She is sophisticated, confident and makes heads turn. She wears the very latest trends and stands out from the crowd. Her motto is ‘Bring it on’ and you can bet this woman is not afraid to try out the latest, newest, cutting edge fashion designs in both clothing and accessories. She loves figure hugging clothes, stylish shoes and funky large handbags. Her friends are likely to consult her when it comes to fashion because they know she is always on top of her game. She loves retail therapy since image is very important to her.

A socialite woman’s image is ‘always-put-together’. It’s as much style as it is class. It’s basically about crafting your own ‘put-together-image’; think Kim Kardashian and her sisters. This entails choosing the right clothes, selecting the right hairstyle, makeup, and accessories to convey that ‘I-know-how-to-look-fabulous-at any-occasion’ image.


To get this look:

  •  Learn how to mix and match. It’s quite essential for you to know how to purchase and pair items. I’m talking about accessories, i.e. belts, shoes, bags and jewelry. Don’t just buy things for the sake of buying. Everything you purchase needs to match or at least compliment some of the outfits you already have. It’s also quite fundamental for you to understand fabrics. What I’m saying is, just because the colors of what you are buying may work together with what you already have, does not necessarily mean the fabrics would automatically compliment each other.
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  • Perfect grooming is a must. No excuse. Bad weaves, dirty clothes, funky breath and chipped nail polish are a serious no-no. Thou shall not look unkempt. Image is everything when it comes to this look and at all times you should strive to dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy. You don’t want them to feel like they are doing better than you, now do you? So your mantra should be ‘I must look my best at all times’.


  • When you go for shopping always choose clothes and designs that make you look fabulous at any occasion. The kind of clothes that can be worn everywhere and any time and still look glamorous. The secret here is learning how to select items with special detailing. You know those outfits you can rock during the day or at night and still look fierce.


  • Accessories can make or break an outfit so make sure yours add just the right touch.




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