Baking 101: How to whisk egg whites #SusanEats

whisking egg white sugarpie

Photo credit: Pedro Ramirez Paz

Whisking eggs can by a daunting task for a home baker. Under-whisked, and they’re just scrambled egg whites. Over-whisked, they fall apart and become watery and lumpy. But when perfectly whisked into either soft peaks or stiff peaks, they result in the most delectable, crowd-pleasing dessert.

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There are a couple key points to remember when whisking egg whites. First, the egg whites must be completely pure. Any yolk or residue in the bowl will make it very difficult, if not impossible to achieve perfectly fluffy, beautiful snowy peaks. Second, use a whisk with many thin wires so you can create the maximum lift. Finally, once you start whisking, don’t stop! Your arm may feel like it will fall off, but it won’t, and the exertion will be totally worth it. Alternatively, share the whisking with a friend so you can take turns when one of you is tired.

When you’re done, make meringues, macaroons, or a soufflé! Yum!

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