Fake Tinder profile promotes sexual health awareness for June

tinder nurse nicole

Men turning to Tinder recently may have found themselves talking to Nurse Nicole, a fake profile that turns flirty conversation into a serious talk about men’s health for the month of June, which is Men’s Health Month in the US.

The project called, Matches for Men’s Health, was created by art director Vince Mak and copywriter Colby Spear, who are currently enrolled at the Miami Ad School.

For the month of June, Nurse Nicole, a beautiful brunette with blue eyes who loves dogs and spontaneous decisions, is enduring terrible pick-up lines, facing extreme male desperation, and talking dirty to dirtbags.

On the project site, visitors can see screenshots of actual conversations that have occurred, which are often awkward and hilarious, especially when you know that all of Nurse Nicole’s answers were written by either Spear or Mak.

Check out some of the hilarious conversations below!

tinder nurse nicole convo 1

tinder nurse nicole convo 2

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