A TV in the bedroom could actually be good for your sex life!

We’ve heard several times that having a TV in your bedroom is not such a good idea. In fact most people will frown upon the idea as a TV in the bedroom is associated with distracting one’s sleep patterns to the extent it has been linked to sleep disorders and in the past it has also been linked to decreased sex drives and a distraction from relaxation.

There’s some good news however! Some experts now agree that having a TV in your bedroom might be great for your sex life!

rbk-couple-bed-watching-tv-deThis is all according to a recent poll that included couples who have and do not have televisions in their bedroom. Those with TV sets in their bedrooms reported to having sex at least twice a week while those who don’t have TVs in their bedrooms have sex only once a week. 67% of those with TVs in their bedroom insisted that the TV made their sex life healthier.

This pro tv in the bedroom group cited why having a tv in the bedroom is so darn sexy:

You can watch erotic movies that will arouse both of you

You can have sex without missing your favorite show

You can get to it during a boring show

TV can just make you feel closer like it is the case at the movies

….So, how about that TV in the bedroom? Hell Yes! OR Hell No!



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