Hot Trend Alert: Ombre Hair

ombreIt all started with celebrities like Ciara and Khloe Kardashian among others, going all long and flowy with it and contributed to bring it back. I’m talking about the ombre hair which looks like it is here to stay this time around.

There are two ways to achieve the ombre hair look

#You could opt to buy some human hair extensions wefts that are the same colour as your current hair color & some hair extensions clips. Then, using any hair dye colour that you want, dye half way down the extensions from the middle of the weft to the ends of the hair.

Once the extensions are dyed & dried simply cut the weft into the desired widths, sew the hair clips to the wefts and voila you have ombre hair!

#You could also opt for the easier way out. Just buy already ombred hair extensions and get your weave on.

Based on your complexion, go for the color combo that will suit your skin tone.

Getting your ombre hair on is a great and inexpensive way to change your look and look stunning while at it. Below are some ombre hair inspiration.

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