Rapper Iggy Azalea says that strippers taught her how to twerk

igg azalea twerk

Iggy Azalea learnt how to twerk from strippers in Atlanta.

The 23-year-old pop star perfected her butt-shaking dance moves at house parties before she found fame, and has revealed the performers in the strip clubs in the American city were an inspiration to her.

Iggy – who moved from Australia to the US on her own when she was just 16 – said: “I used to live in Atlanta, and that’s just how everybody dances at house parties and stuff.”

She added: “The best twerkers are probably all the strippers in Atlanta. They’re pretty good.” The 23-year-old singer – real name Amethyst Kelly – has also revealed how she came up with her unusual stage name.

The Work hitmaker says her moniker is a combination of her pet dog’s name and the street in New South Wales, Australia, where her mother’s house was located.
She is quoted by People as saying: “Iggy was my dog’s name. My dad picked him up a week after I was born, and he named him after Iggy Pop. And Azalea is the street where my mother lived.


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