Inside Tunu’s closet: Prints! Prints! Prints!

TUNU-E Tunu is a Kenyan fashionista extraordinaire. She is well-versed in fashion matters. She is passionate about fashion such that she makes sure she stocks up her SHOP with the latest worldwide chic-est trends. She knows what’s IN when it’s still too hot and flying off fashion store shelves and she never minds sharing fab fashion tips. All this is evident from her closet which is often featured on Capital Lifestyle.

Today is all about how Tunu wears prints.

1. Altered Maxi Dress

Tunu says: You can either dress it up or down and play around with it.  This was initially a full maxi dress, but I decided to alter and make a high-low out of it by adjusting the black piece  and making it shorter and fitting.


2. Pink mix up

This bright color can bring wardrobe back to life!

I was hoping to tone it down the pink with black&white, but instead, did the opposite. Lol
Trust me, this tasty colour is sure to get you noticed every step of the way. So if you would want to keep it on the low, it would be best to save it for another day!


3. The Print Mix up

Tunu says: Are you wondering how to wear your Leopard print pieces?  Wonder no more! Leopard prints come in different print sizes and print colours and yes you can wear a combination of similar prints in either a different colour or print size. This will give a creative contrast to your look!

If you choose to go for different print sizes instead of different colour prints,  you could mix a large Leopard print bottom with a smaller Leopard print top to give a balanced illusion.





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