4 tell-tale signs he is nothing but a SCRUB!

Man Aiming Remote Control

Nowadays we date with the same caution because there are scrubs out there who prey on everyday business women, who have everything in place except for their love life. Then comes the impostor partner, who is really the guy that ends up “crashing at your place for a few days,” trying to seduce his way into a live-in position. Employment, or lack there of, is the focal point of most of the signs that your man is a scrub. Fellas, if you’re presently without work you may want to skip this read and surf the classifieds. But the rest of you scrubs don’t worry, we’ll try not to rip you too hard.

1. He is in “transition.”

Sistas hate to hear that dreaded word, which translates to unemployed. If a man says he’s in “transition” then he has no job and more than likely can’t name a profession, skill or trade that he’s practiced for more than 3 years, consecutively. If he is an able body and free of felony convictions, he should be working, end of story.

2. He has no means of transportation.

Ladies, if the man has no car, this is more than likely his excuse for not having a job! This will also excuse his need to borrow your whip while you’re out working. If your man is driving your car around town from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., then he’s probably putting it down in intimate after hours. Suggestion: Detach, somebody out there can do it better, and he may just have a job and a car.

3. He has trouble explaining/verifying his living situation.

If you’ve been seeing a guy for more than 90 days and you have yet to be invited his place, you have a bonafide live-in ex situation. Run. Or, if your dude is squatting at various family members pads and can hardly remember where he last left his toothbrush and toiletries, not only is he a scrub, he’s a scrub with no direction. Run fast.

4. He has several children with several women.

If your dude has more than two kids with more than two women, this is a problem. No child is a mistake, but these kind of slip-ups should only happen once, MAYBE twice. Otherwise, he’s reckless with his seed and you’d be foolish to try and venture down a path of longevity with him. Furthermore, a man with children should NOT have the time to be at your house all day and night, and you should encourage him to be with his babies by any means necessary.

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