3 Foods that you can eat for healthier nails

healthy nails

People look at hands and nails – they can say a lot about you. Are you healthy? Do you do a lot of housework? Do you take care of yourself? Do you have chronic illnesses?

Sure, manicures and moisturizers can keep the look and feel of your nails looking great, but for sustainable changes, eating well can strengthen your nails and surrounding skin.

Healthy nails appear smooth, without cracks, yellowing, ridges or grooves. Free of spots or discolouration, healthy and strong nails have a clear hue that shows the pinkness of the flesh underneath.

So what can you eat to improve the health of your nails inside and out?

Here are 3 foods that you can eat to healthier nails:

Almonds and walnuts

The omega-3 essential fats in almonds and walnuts provide fatty acids for your nails in order to stay strong and to prevent splitting.


Nails are made of laminated layers of protein called keratin, so it goes without saying, eating protein will keep your nails healthy. Aside from red meats, other sources of protein can come from soy products, fish, turkey, chicken, egg whites and low-fat dairy products.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are also loaded with omega-3 fats, but also fiber and protein. Make sure you ground or mill the flax seeds first before consuming, otherwise your body will not be able to absorb them.

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