Hot Trend Alert: The Ombre lip + Tutorial


There’s a new beauty trend in town that is the ombre lip. The ombre lip is all about gradual changing  of lipstick color from one shade into the next, from lightest to darkest beginning at the center of the mouth. Usually it is outlined by a darker shade of lip pencil or lipstick to give you the fuller lip effect.

Achieving the perfect Ombre lip

**Use a lip pencil to create definition  as well as to put down a matte base on the lips to hold ombre-tutthe lipstick in place. Use an invisible liner around the perimeter of your lips to prevent bleeding of lipstick.

**Stick to 3 lip colors and a lip brush.

**An easy ombre lip can be achieved by first lining your lips with a lip pencil.

**Pull the pencil in slightly more toward the center of your lip.

**Blend a darker shade over it while remembering to leave room in the absolute center of your lips.

**Work a lip brush outwards with a lighter shade in the same color family to add more dimension and fullness.

**Use contrasting tones from the same color family to achieve the look seamlessly.

**Choose a pencil shade that is darker than your natural lip tone, a lipstick that is closest to your natural lip and one that is a shade or two lighter to bring focus to the center of the lips.

PS: Don’t be afraid to go bold!

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