Ejaculation etiquette: 5 Tips to keep your girlfriend happy

ejaculation etiquette 1

Ejaculation etiquette is one of the most important things in life, seriously. Women are really lucky when it comes to having an orgasm and not having to deal with a mess afterwards; whereas men will always know that after an orgasm, no matter how amazing it was or not, there will be a mess waiting to be cleaned up.

Following ejaculation etiquette is crucial in keeping your girlfriend, sexual partner or wife happy. And if they’re happy, it simply means you’ll have more opportunities to keep on practicing your etiquette rules in the future! *wink*

No one wants to deal with awkward and gross post-sex cleanups – it just takes away from the beautiful bits of making love to someone. The ejaculation etiquette plan will help you plan ahead: where it goes, where it doesn’t go, how you should clean up and how it will be disposed of.

Ultimately, it will depend on your partner’s and your own likes and dislikes when it comes to climatic fluids. What you do with it will be determined by your comfort level.

TIP 1: Don’t lie about it

If you’re having sex without a condom, hopefully with someone you know won’t give you a STI and knows the potential pregnancy situation, ejaculating in her will leave very little cleanup for you. However, if you both had agreed to ejaculate outside of her, don’t lie and let it rip inside of her. That’s just rude.

TIP 2: The condom is your responsibility

Don’t ever ask her to take a used condom off for you. Take responsibility. Tie the end off and place it in the garbage.

TIP 3: Never hold her head

Oral sex is definitely more complex when it comes to etiquette. It’s nice to let her know in advance when to expect your climatic fluids so your partner can prepare. If your partner is not mentally prepared, you will most likely be dealing with them struggling to hold back their gagging reflexes. Never hold your partner’s head, forcing them to swallow. That’s the best way to never get head ever again – like ever.


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