Hot Trend Alert: The chic Sweatshirt

The casual sweatshirt was very popular in the 90’s and it is making a comeback in the fashion scene . But instead of the boring old plain white or plain grey or plain black options we had back then the sweatshirts are back with a bang! From crops, to one shoulder to leather embellishments and graphics there’s a variety of sweatshirt designs to choose from to suit your fashion palette.

sweatshirtsBesides being super comfortable,the sweatshirt will always keep you warm because of the fleece material and best of all, you can now work them in different pairings like skirts (long or short), denims,shorts the choice is yours. With the chic sweatshirts you can also choose to go girlie, tomboy or sporty. Check out pictures below to get some inspiration now that weather is getting ferocious.



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