14 Days until The Capital One Presenter is crowned!

capital one final 6

The Capital One Presenter will be crowned on 4th June 2014 at an exclusive finale held at Ebony Lounge, Nairobi, Kenya.

Back in February, Capital FM begun its journey of finding a new radio presenter; which led to thousands of video auditions submitted.

The race to find The Capital One Presenter is coming to a dramatic finale with the search entering its final stage with only 6 remaining finalists from 2,000 aspiring radio presenters.

Here’s a little more about the final 6 in their own words:

Angel Nangayo

Greetings, Earthlings!

My name is Angel. Yes, really. I’m 23 this year, and I’m one of those annoying “creatives”. You’ve probably heard about us. I do.. a bunch of things; I write, I design, I blog, I mentor young girls (and manage not to lead them to death and destruction) and I dream (mostly about Idris Elba).

I’m currently working on a book (it’s entirely fictional and kind of terrible so far) and a clothing line (my target demographic is anyone who has money).

Fun facts? I am a terrible driver but I make up for it by being a pretty phenomenal cook. I’m really bad at figuring out whether a door is a Push or a Pull (but come on, this is 2014, surely all doors should be automatic by now???). I’m an ugly crier, and I’m also an ugly laugh-er. I frequently burst into random song and dance, and I know the entire Lion King soundtrack by heart. When I grow up, I want to be a Michelle Obama/Beyonce hybrid.

I love… Christ, kids, good fiction and a wide variety of fattening foods that are terrible for me.
I hate… scratchy pens, horror movies, naysayers and getting fat because I ate a wide variety of fattening foods that are terrible for me.

I’m chronically sarcastic. I’m a Grammar Nazi. I’m an asylum escapee. And I do it all in heels.

I’d tell you a little bit more, but then I’d have to kill you.

Oh, and at night, I’m a superhero. You’re welcome.


Joyce Githuku

My name is Joyce Njeri Githuku. I’m a twenty something year old Kenyan, born and raised in Nairobi. First born of three kids, love my younger siblings to death! I do a lot to make sure I set a good example for them. My dad is awesome, gave me the dress-good genes and my cute toes. But my mom is on a whole other level! She is the strongest woman I know, I hope I’ve grown up to be like her.

My class mates both under grad and post grad, continents apart I might add, say they used to find our class by following the sound of my voice! Indeed I do talk a lot, and quite fast.LA lot of my friends say that I talk a lot! I have swallowed that pill since I was told I cannot whisper to save my life

I think I’m funny… I’m quite the sponge and make funny sounds and imitate people’s accents. I can sing too! But, I suffer from massive stage fright, can’t sing in public.

Want to join the Capital FM for two main reasons as to why I talk a lot:

• One, because I speak for two people; my brother and I. He is Autistic, so he cannot communicate well. I want to represent him and his peers on a bigger platform and I think being on radio would help me achieve that. I’ve wanted that since I was a young girl.

• Two, I might as well be paid for my yapping. Literally put my money where my mouth is. I think it’s interesting and that one should explore their talents. This is me coming out of my shell. Done the education bit, now on to exploring my multi faceted self.


James Kabue

My Name is Kabue James. I’m an aspiring creative director and producer who loves all things film, theater and expressive writing.

I studied Bsc. Actuarial Science at Jomo Kenyatta University. However, my profound love for the arts, both visual and the performing arts veered me off this career. I took on acting since primary school way up until university, doing a variety of stage performances like plays, dramatized solo verses and choir performances. In 2011, I scripted my first play titled Princess Jeridah at Jomo Kenyatta University which I also took on the role of directing it. It was staged at Kenyatta University and at the Kenya National Theatre. Even though I still have immense love for theater, I’m gradually transitioning into film and video production.

Other than gracing sets and writing scripts, I greatly value other people and their life interests. That’s why I decided to document other people’s lives, particularly highlighting on their hopes and dreams through interviews and features published on my blog www.mrkabuejames.com

My love for radio has been consistent over the years and I’ve been fascinated by its power to reach out to the masses, geographical distance notwithstanding. I’ve grown up admiring radio greats like Charles Kiarie, Eve D Souza, Italia Masiero and many more. Forging a career as a radio presenter has been close to my heart and it’s with this reason that I decided to join the race to be the Capital one. I’m looking forward to solidify my footing in this industry and learning its dynamics once I’m chosen as the Capital One.

Jonathan Bii

My name is Jonathan Bii. I am an April baby which means i was born on the month of April with a tendency to be an overachiever. I love life and books and i am still figuring out what it means to “have fun”. I like change and i want to be a voice of change and to stand up for something. I bet thats what makes me the Capital One. 🙂

Radio has always been what i wanted to do and i guess having the voice for it is a plus for me. It is true what they say “dreams are valid”.

Simone Maingi Waweru

I am Simon Maingi Waweru, 24 years of age. I was born here in Kenya but lived most of my life in the United States, specifically Birmingham, Alabama.

I am the first born of 3 kids. Being the first born has geared me to be a good leader because I constantly have to set a good precedent for my younger siblings. This has led me to acquiring the wisdom of being a responsible individual.

I am a person with the stench of life coming from his armpits. I spread a good dose of joy with my ability of not lacking words. On occasions I am known to be a nuisance because of my robust energy that’s always a notch higher than the norm. The energy I have is very clinical when it comes to the execution of tasks.

I am quick on my feet, not only in thought, but also on the basketball court and other sports…except cricket. I am that friend that you call when you are having a bad day and you just need a “pick-me-up”.

Honesty is one of my strong suits. I tend to speak my mind and the truth, but I add in a salt touch of my sense of humor because the truth can be harsh and undesirable.

With my words I hope to inspire and motivate people to become the best versions of themselves, because I know that words have great power in them if they are used properly.

So that is me, Simon Maingi Waweru

DJ Stretch

Music began for him at a tender age of 13 when he joined Homeboyz dj academy as one of the youngest students, while his peers where thinking of going clubbing, he was thinking of playing the music they were going to dance to, it all started in 2004. Ever since Samuel Mwangi currently 24 years of age, better Known as Dj Stretch began his Dj career! He then went pro having a strong passion for various genres of music.

His talent went unnoticed, and a few years down the line, countless of clubs and entertainment units came knocking, he became the resident dj at Club Undecided(1year), Hidden Agenda(2years) and his now the current resident dj at Skylux Lounge westlands; Not forgetting he’s also the lead DJ at Ace Cards Entertainment.

He has also played and Mceed for countless events in and out of kenya including Smirnoff parties across the country, Heineken events and various corporate gigs.

Apart from the he holds a Bachelors Degree in Law from Catholic University and is currently training to be an Advocate of the High court at Kenya school of Law

So why want to become a Capital FM presenter, well, its rather obvious he has a strong passion for music and interacting with people. Those who know him know that a second wont pass without you laughing because of his hilarious personality. He has a way of exuding confidence and easily interacting with people in any situation.

Stretch being a pro dj, he wishes not only to interact with people on radio, but to fuse it with serving “the best music mix of music” 🙂

So who will be crowned The Capital One?

Learn more about the finalists here.

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