OwnFone: World’s first 3D Braille phone for the Blind

ownfone braielle

OwnFone Braille is specifically created for the visually impaired, and is the very first Braille mobile phone available to consumers.

Small in size, lightweight and affordable; the customizable mobile phone calls the people you need with ease. Customers can choose which names and numbers they would like programmed onto the main screen of the phone – all designs are available in 2 or 4 Braille call buttons. OwnFone’s online system will automatically convert English into braille, which will be printed into raised braille in 3D with stereolithography based technology.

The customer can also customize the color for the face of the phone, or even add customized pictures if they so choose.

Similar to the rest of the OwnFone product range, the mobile is perfect for daily use or as an emergency phone. It is rechargeable and in Shutdown mode the OwnFone will last up to a year without a charge.

It comes in a wide range of colourful designs so there’s an OwnFone to suit everyone.

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