You can hypnotize yourself with this cool Hypnotherapy App


Whether you’re simply just having fun, or you’re serious about bidding your smoking habit farewell through Hypnotherapy; you will no longer need to make appointments to see your phsychologist. The app Hypnotherapy by YENSoftware will induce a hypnotic state wherever you are.

Hypnotherapy can be used in self-hypnosis or an aid to hypnotize a client. Hypnotherapy uses a rotating spiral and your choice of sounds to induce a relaxed or semi hypnotic state. Neuro -Linguistic Programing (NLP) messages can be displayed and faded into the background for a subliminal effect. You can select from 12 sounds or silence them.

You can customize messages to help you with losing weight and reinforcing a good diet, feel healthier, stop smoking, help you focus and visualize your goals, manage and control your fears, feel more confident and help with having a positive outlook.

To use Hypnotherapy start the App and focus on the spiral while repeating the message displayed. Clear your mind of all other thoughts and only use while you are in a safe secure location.

Some of the cool features found in Hypnotherapy include:
• Spinning spiral
• Twelve background sounds
• Preloaded and customizable Neuro -Linguistic Programing (NLP) messages.
• Change spiral setting: speed, width, tightness, spokes
• Change foreground and background color.
• Change message color and alpha (fade).
• Select one of three predefined NLP messages or add your own


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